Sunday, April 17, 2011

Remember the bad girl in high school?

Ever wonder what became of the "bad girls" you went to school with? When you think back to those clicks - made up of "those type of girls", do you remember them for the fun you could find in their company? How they dressed to titillate or scare their peers? Perhaps the thought of their slutty ways making you wince with moral pride? I do not know if you think of them at all-but I myself was one of those girls...all grown up and in my 40's. What I so desperately want to achieve in this blog is to examine my brain and heart, and all the experiences in my life that lead me to who I am today. Why I chose, and still choose to this day, to be one of those girls your mom said you couldn't hang out with. To help in holding your attention in a sea of blogs I am going ahead and giving you a list of the topics and stories I am going to weave into my blog in the foreseeable future. So if you choose to follow my humble blog, you'll know what lurid tales of debauchery, craziness, fun and pain you may find. Here is my "Bad Girl List of Topics:"
  1. Trading with Boys / Sex for Comfort and Attention.
  2. Drinking, Druggin and Fightin for what?
  3. Becoming a Junior High Punk Rocker in 1980
  4. Stripping for Shit Money in Shit Clubs or "This Is Not What The Strippers on Jenny Jones Described, Where is the Big Money and Glamorous Life!"
  5. Why Violent Felons are my choice in Fellas
  6. Never believe in the fairy tale of "A Knight in Shining Armour"
  7. Blood is the Bond I Never Had - What Impact Being Adopted Had on My Vida Loca.
  8. Boyfriends, Fiancee's and Husbands or " I Just Can't Get Enough"
  9. Tattooing, Convicts and The Outlaw Life.
These are the areas of my life I see the most potential in storytelling for both of us dear reader. Topics for me to pick apart - for baring my soul, healing my head and letting you benefit from the fun/pain.
All memories, dialog and whimsy will be drawn from my own opiate soaked brain. Therefore it will be a bit spotty and one sided. So if I know or have known you personally don't get pissy if I have times, dates, names and events a bit sideways. Also, NO names will be changed to protect anyone who didn't have my best interest at heart when they said they did. Husband number threes' scurrilous treatment of me will not be glossed over. No cock sizes will be embellished to porn star size and I shall be no ones whipping boy in my own blog. So there!

At the end of the day my blog is about helping myself. Dare I say even liking myself and being happy after making many mistakes, sometimes the same one, over and over. For the last 10 years I actually like living in my own skin! That I never thought would happen. All of this self help achieved with no so called" professional intervention or treatment" involved.
The photo is of me and hubby that we snapped at Prosser Lake, near Truckee, California a few years back. Notice the lack of smiles? Folks like to say "Smile honey! What's so bad, be happy!" Just because we are absent of toothy grins does not mean we were not happy in that moment. Hubby and I are two like minded people, who hate being fake, even for a snapshot taken by ourselves. So let us go through our" love story" as the next blog is a doozy.....