Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oath of Honor To My Ex-Husbands Daughter.....

Auntie Kathi Acquires Gorgeous Leopard Garments
For my comfort and her amusement!

Abba, wearing a lovely, hand crafted Mermaid Outfit. Don't You want to take a little
Nibble from her Darling tail?!? Homemade gifts CAN be cool!
I chose the nickname of "Abba" for MY second ex-husbands daughter for a couple of reasons.

Her lovely parents decided to name their unborn daughter the very old fashioned name of "ABAGAIL - even before she was happily conceived! Her daddy fancied a 1980's heavy metal record - by a long forgotten screeching warbler with the moniker of "KING DIAMOND". One of King Diamonds self penned songs is called "ABAGAIL".  That was Abba's parents divine epiphany for naming their beautiful daughter - a long forgotten song about a Welsh witch!??

Well, in my punk rock world I decided the name is too long and cumbersome. She is a tattoo artist baby! Edgy names are given to tattooer tikes. I personally recommended names like "Bunny Marie", "Lucky- Chance" or "Geisha". Mommy and Daddy smiled at my ideas - but their minds were set. As I pondered many  sideways thoughts to the many ways to possibly shorten this tiny babes name - my ears suddenly became flooded with the awesome super 70's soft rock of the Swedish band "ABBA".

 The song popping onto the tattoo shops radio I took as my own divine, musically inspirational cue! Top 40 tunes sung by "ABBA" had blared through my mothers crappy dashboard speakers all through childhood. Contained deep within my compact disc collection - a hidden "BEST OF" from these Swedish Sensations resides. Therefore the name is a perfect fit to my muddled mind! (Much to the amused chagrin of baby daddy.)

On to the meat and pureed potatoes of what I want to say to you, Miss Abba.  In thought and deed, from the day you arrived to your mommy's lovely nurse arms: These vows I do decree:

  1. Never will I turn from your cry, no matter the timing - no matter how "silly" or annoying others may think your need is. Dropping whatever I am doing to carefully listen completely to what you have to give voice to. Depending on age and standards I shall give out hard won wisdom, advise your mother and father or just let you get your thoughts and feelings all out of your head and heart. I am here for you.
  2. You shall be told more than "I LOVE YOU". Your talents, character and promising performance in all that you love will be fawned over. Nurturing your exploration of what may interest you for a moment or a lifetime. Come empty wallets that were once full of money. Or conquering my dislike of large crowds of people for your dance recitals. Support will be freely given for all you have a passion for.
  3. When you "can't stand" your Ma and Pa for whatever reason - you will find me waiting to take you away for the day. Give you attention you don't even know you need in that moment. Keeping those horny young boys from taking advantage of a girl while she is down. No matter if you are mad at me too. Thinking I am old and uncool. We can silently sit together at a movie or go for a walk - until its time to forgive and forget - going home with the air cleared and a much needed break from the action for all involved.
  4. Truth will always be told in a language suitable to your maturity level. Nothing is worse than a teenager who still acts as a toddler. Mistakenly believing they are the center of the world - that the world owes you something. I shall tell you the secrets to accepting hard work with education AND dedication. Truth and honor. The "school of hard knocks" may knock you down. Yet you shall be ready to stand back up, dust off your leopard print outfit - carry forth with determination to try again. You will be ready to create opportunity for yourself. Not accept the leftovers.
When I am deemed uncool or an eyesore - due to growing up, finding your identity or your changing taste - no offense will be taken. Carefully I will still watch out for you - just hidden more in the shadows. Never do I want you to feel ashamed of who your "tribe" is. Coming from a unconventional family structure. You will be given the gifts of growing up making your own mistakes of judgement in a hasty moment. Your extended family of "AUNTIES" will run out from the shadows to help any way we can. Saving you from yourself only when necessary. Without interfering or overtaking.
These vows I take today for you baby Abba. In a dozen years, when you can clearly comprehend what I am promising to you - we can discuss if you like. All through the decades my promises will be kept. Silent in voice yet shown through action. Much Love - Auntie Kathi